Introduced to the natural world at a young age, I spent my childhood in the outdoors, learning everything I could about the world around me.

In 2006, my focus shifted to birding. My father and I watched the feeders in their backyard, marveling at the blue grosbeaks, indigo buntings and Carolina wrens. This experience caused me to hang feeders in my Georgia backyard, and explore the local parks and preservations.

From 2010 to 2013, I had the good fortune of moving to South Korea.  While there, I honed my birding skills, participating in several bird surveys and “big day” birding fundraisers. For two straight years, I was a member of teams that broke the Korean national record for bird species recorded in a 24-hour period. The time spent birding in Korea transformed me from a hobbyist into a serious, professional birder.

After moving to Southeast Arizona with my family, my birding hobby deepened. A quiet hike through Huachuca Canyon was all it took to spark my birding hobby into a lifelong passion. This was the day I first saw an elegant trogon.

Showing others the beauty of the avian world is how I express this fondness. I take birders, and some non-birders, to experience the nature of Southeast Arizona, both as a guide and a volunteer. I'm excited to share all this with you, and hope you leave with a greater appreciation of the natural beauty of Southeast Arizona.